Green New Deal Plan

City Regional Network

National economies are composed of smaller, city regional economies. For instance, the greater New York City region operates as a fairly well-integrated economy, as do the regions around Chicago or Los Angeles. The Green Infrastructure Plan proposes that city regions be planned for and created that would include farm regions, manufacturing regions, transportation and internet networks. The central element, however, would be to create density in the city or cities that are the center of a particular city region, and in the towns and suburbs that are associated with a city region. This density would make the farm, manufacturing, and transportation systems efficient.

The City Regional Network could be considered the Green New Deal equivalent of an "Authority" in the New Deal, the only one of which was the Tennessee Valley Authority, although others were considered.

This plan does not currently include a region-wide energy plan, although each city region should plan for distributed solar, geothermal, and building efficiency programs.

The City Region is the natural home for plans concerning the upgrading and maintenance of water, transportation and educational infrastructure as well.